Saturday, May 28, 2011

moricooo debut

morico debut! well, I've been starting similar projects with other like-minded individuals for a while now, but we were always somewhat directionless, as our personal style and taste keeps turning like a revolving door or like one's stomach after being on a rollercoaster after consuming many hotdogs, but I think we're going to stick around for a little longer this time. so morico official debut! with a logo and everything. who are we anyway? morico is a toronto-based craft collective revolving around the forest girl culture that its members have embraced. there will be a website and blog coming soon so this can stop taking up anymore space on here. (the frequency of updates can go back to a decreasing value)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

flowers and lace

screenprinted bags with removable flower pins, which I sometimes steal to decorate my own clothes. Is this one overdecorated? I'm not too used to the way my drawings look as a print, and the generic-ness of this particular print has been deemed by C as "more easter than hipster".
a mushroom printed bag is also in the works.