Thursday, June 30, 2011

in public spaces

after reading about the good bike project, (which embodies a combination of my two favourite topics, bicycles and rob ford, plus more! what I like is that it doesn't really have anything to do with him, but every publication feels the need to take up a good chunk of space writing about him, or writing him into anything remotely to do with bikes, mini vans, gay issues, transport, etc. i guess minuscule and vague support from the opposing side matters a lot more than the unwavering efforts from people who actually agree with you.) but anyway, I realized I never really paid any attention to street art before. I actually avoid that section in the book store. I decided to change this by contributing my own unsolicited material.

I really only do things in an narcissistic way, huh.

they're a very loving couple

Thursday, June 9, 2011

the new black

i hate the first month of moving to a new place, where you have nothing set up and you have to bum internet off at a cafe. I'm drinking "pina colada" tea (note: it doesn't taste anything like pina colada), thinking up my new accessory line which would have been named "DEAD IS THE NEW BLACK" if some chick hasn't decided to use that name for their tween vamp novel (note: not related to twilight).

I'm feeling so dejected.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

so will there be less alpacas after this?

so i will apologize for this bad rendition of an attempt at digitalized crayon

i don't know if i can code a whole website anymore, because even staring at the "edit html" section of blogger's templates give me headrock (that's when my brain literally feels like a heavy rock just dropped onto it, and i can feel the juices squishing as they try to deal with the pressure. basically, i just blank out and stare at a bunch of open tabs for no particular reason). but, i've made and even tinkered with morico's blog! it's not completely about ourselves, because along with our work process and product updates, we like to talk about random things we love and hate and what's going on with our lives.

never mind, I guess it is completely about ourselves.