Saturday, December 11, 2010

wind in my face

how do you make screentone in photoshop? i keep using the "pixelate" function but it's like not very flexible or authentic looking, obviously.


tooiebird said...

I'm assuming you mean like adding a texture/pattern. Pick a texture (create your own or find a stock texture/pattern) set it on a different layer and change the layer setting to screen/lighten/multiply/etc. this will affect the entire image rather than specific spots.

If you want to do something with color halftone I would duplicate the color layer, keeping the original on the bottom. Apply the filter to the top layer and change the opacity so the colors underneath can be seen, making it more vibrant.

If neither of those are what you're looking for, then this might:

Hope this helped!

deb said...

is it the half tone filter?