Monday, March 7, 2011

don't be sad without even trying

i didn't even want to bother filling the rest with colour.
someone asked me why all i draw is these socially inept girls dealing with rejection, and I unconsciously replied "draw what you know, right?"
I swear I don't really think of myself or my life that way?
maybe i just internalize negativity really well.


Cath said...

It is sad that this happens so often :( This drawing is so adorable- even if it is a bit melancholic :c

-Yu- said...

pshh, dudes like that is so not worth the time.
Rejection will always make you stronger. And so that i how i deal with it. :3

Lettie Lo said...

awww this always happens to me too

i think it`s always gonna be part of us and its something we can all relate to