Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the highest quality of plastic

i've been using the same pencil crayons since middle school. best art investment ever.


Eleonora said...

Hi! I was wondering: how do you draw the main lines? pencil, pen, or one of them recovered with pencil crayons? sorry if it looks like a dumb question. I am looking for new technics to try, especially for the main lines. When I try drawing with graphite and pencil colours it always, you know, look a bit dirty.
(anyway, Don't worry, I won't copy your art)
I am delighted to see you post more. I hope you will have the occasion to continue! :).

rikit said...

hi! i use a variety of different materials. 80 percent of the time I tend to use ball point pen because I'm a lazy doodler, but in this particular case i drew in pencil crayon. I also sometimes also use a paintbrush and ink, and i love colourful stabilo pens on moleskin. anyway, it really depends on what type of paper I have and whichever is at hand. I encourage you to try a variety of supplies because you'd be surprised at the results you'll get. and not to mention, it's super fun.

hope that helps :)

Eleonora said...

so I will.
Thank you very much! :)